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Caring for Newborns

Newborn Behaviour

Normal Newborn Behaviour: information from the Ontario College of Midwives on what to expect in the initial newborn period.  

The Period of Purple Crying:  information for parents on the very normal period in a newborn's life where they spend more time fussing and crying.

"The Hold":  how to calm a crying baby. 


Newborn stool card:  normal vs abnormal newborn stools.

Circumcision: information from the Canadian Pediatric Society.



Safe sleep for newborns: from the Government of Canada. 

Safe Swaddling: from the Canadian Pediatric Society. 

Car Seat Safety: The Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada. 


Vaccination information: from the Government of Canada.

Vaccination information: from the Canadian Pediatric Society. 

Immunization Schedule: from Health Links BC.

At 6 weeks post partum the birthing person and baby/babies will be discharged from midwifery care. We recommend following up with your family doctor for ongoing care. Don't have a family doctor?

Find a physician through the division of family practice.  

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