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Meet the Students

Transitions midwifery is a proud teaching practice. The midwives at Transitions work closely with midwifery students from UBC who have placements in all years of  their training. Helping to educate and train future midwives ensures that every client who wants midwifery care has access to it. 


We feel that our students bring fresh energy and a passion for supporting the midwifery model of care and are always the most up to date on new evidence and research being done around pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 


While we feel students improve client care and experience we understand everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to student involvement. Client comfort is the most important thing. If you wish to not have a student involved in your care please let us know.  

Danielle Rodrigues

Hello my name is Danielle Rodrigues and I’m a 3rd year student in the UBC Midwifery Program. I am

so excited and grateful to be placed at Transitions Midwifery for my 3rd year midwifery placement
and to be under the, instruction and, guidance of Erin Pendziwol. I’m also honoured and extremely
appreciative for all the clients and families I will have the pleasure of meeting and working with during my time at Transitions. Thank you for sharing yourselves, and your journey with me, and allowing me to learn with you, and especially from you. I’m really looking forward to meeting with you all and building our relationship whilst you build your family.

My desire to pursue midwifery began many years ago, and I feel very privileged to bear witness and to be a part of the impact that birth work has on families and individuals. I spent 2nd year in placement in Chilliwack at Grow Midwifery and I really loved my time there. I learned so many new skills and I met so many wonderful families and I’m very excited to continue on my learning journey with you during your time with us at Transitions.
Prior to my acceptance into the UBC Midwifery Program I was in the midst of a Sociology degree at UBC. However, midwifery was always my goal. I completed my Labour & Delivery Doula training prior to my acceptance into the program and volunteered at BC Women’s & BC Children’s Hospital for numerous years in the ER and on the floor of the labour & delivery unit prior to my acceptance.


I was born and raised in the lower mainland and I have called Burnaby my home for the past few years however I’m excited to work in Maple Ridge as I’ve always been drawn to smaller communities and living away(-ish) from the city. In my spare time I’m usually in the outdoors. My
favourite pastimes are camping, horseback riding and exploring nature with friends so I’m very
fortunate to call the West Coast my home. Looking forward to meeting you all very soon!

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