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Transitions Midwifery

Transitions Midwifery is a group of four midwives who services families from Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and Port Coquitlam. 

At Transitions Midwifery we understand that pregnancy, birth, and parenthood are life-changing experiences. From the beginning of pregnancy through labour, birth and the initial postpartum period, midwives support clients and their families. We believe every pregnant person, every birth, and every baby is special. We work to give you the experience you envision while providing safe and evidence-based care. Whether you are planning a home birth, a hospital birth, or a surgical birth, each journey is beautiful and deserving of celebration.  

If you would like more information about midwifery care, or to book an initial consultation please contact our office.

What is a Midwife and what do they do?

Midwives are experts in low-risk pregnancy and birth.

In BC, registered midwives offer primary maternity care to healthy pregnant clients and their newborn babies from early pregnancy, through labour and birth, until about eight weeks following delivery. They practice evidence-based, client-centered maternity and newborn care and are an established part of the BC health care system.

Midwives listen, observe, educate, guide and care. They order and interpret tests and screen for physical, psychological, emotional, and social health. They support clients though normal and complicated pregnancies and birth. They catch babies. They do home visits after the baby is born. They help with breastfeeding and adjusting to life with a new baby. They work together and with other health professionals. They laugh with you, they cry with you, and they care deeply for each of their clients.

If you want more information on Midwives and Midwifery care check out the Midwives Association of British Columbia's website link bellow. 

Meet the Midwives

Transitions Midwifery Team


Sylvia Fedyk

Registered Midwife


Erin Pendziwol

Registered Midwife

IMG_0076 (1)_edited.jpg

Julia Homer

Registered Midwife


Denise Nyce

Registered Midwife

Transitions Midwifery is like a second family to me. I have had three children with Transitions as my care providers and have experienced three extremely different births. My deliveries ranged from an unplanned c-section to a hospital vbac and finally a planned homebirth. However the one constant thing that remained the same was the level of care my family received during the pregnancy, labor and delivery and for postpartum care (those initial home visits after baby is a life saver). I am so grateful our community has Erin, Krista, Meagan and Sylvia to provide the best midwifery care!

Diana Johannson

"We are the only species of mammal that  doubts our ability to give birth... but let's stop it."

Ina May


100-11770 Fraser Street, Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 6C7

Phone: (604) 466-5541 

Fax: (604) 466-8500

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